Empty Leg Flights

Always dreamed of taking to the skies in your own private jet? It's an idea that evokes images of unsurpassed luxury; of relaxed and smiling passengers unwinding on spacious seats, sipping champagne as they glide through the clouds. Of course, such indulgences are beyond the means of us mere mortals... or are they? These days, more and more travellers are discovering the gateway to affordable luxury travel with empty leg flights.

Simply put, empty leg flights are flights which private jets make when they are travelling to pick up their full fare-paying passengers or returning home after dropping them off. Because these flights are normally empty, bargain-savvy fliers can pick up seats on them at heavily discounted prices sometimes up to 75% off the normal price. Also known as ferry flights, this method of flying on private jets is opening up a whole new world of luxury travel to those who never dreamed of setting foot on a private aircraft.

Empty leg flights are ideal for those looking to celebrate a special occasion or in particular groups of family and friends looking to travel together. When the cost of the flight is split between a group of say 8 or 10 people, the prices are often astonishingly close to the normal economy fare on certain routes. As well as all the obvious benefits or privacy and space, flying by private jet on an empty leg flight means you get to enjoy all the other trappings of private air travel too. On the ground you'll be whisked through security and onto your flight in record time, while in the air you might be treated to VIP extras like gourmet cuisine and complimentary champagne.

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